Assurance Reports & Reviews

Assurance Reports & Reviews.

Our skilful professionals are always prepared to provide any interested clients with any tailor-made report according to the client’s needs and requirements. 

Some examples of tailor-made reports are: a due diligence report on the purchase of a business, a review on specific issues relating to the sale of a business, a feasibility study relating to the commencement of a new business or entrance into a new market, a review on specific areas related to fraud and performance of specific audit testing on different areas according to the needs of management.

Additional audit & assurance services:

Our premises.

We are proud of our premises not only for the long history of the building which counts more than 100 years, but also for the ideal and welcoming environment that offers to all of us who work there, but also for our guests who we have the honour to host on our premises.

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