External Audit

External Audit.

Increased regulatory requirements, coupled with increased stakeholder demands for greater transparency, are placing the annual audit report as one of the most important reports for every organization to get insights into its affairs as well as to prevent any possible risks. 

For us, at PMA & Co., the annual audit is not merely a statutory obligation. It is a means to provide our clients with a thorough review of the state of their business affairs. Therefore, investing in the latest versions of audit software and on constant update of our professionals on the latest reporting requirements, are for us among our top priorities.

Additional audit & assurance services:

Our premises.

We are proud of our premises not only for the long history of the building which counts more than 100 years, but also for the ideal and welcoming environment that offers to all of us who work there, but also for our guests who we have the honour to host on our premises.

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