Management & Administration

Management & Administration.

At PMA & Co. we provide quality and cost-effective daily management and administration services according to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our main concern in this field is to provide our clients with as much as possible support of their back-office work in order to enable them to focus on their actual business’ objects. 

Indeed one of the main PMA & Co.’s priorities is the continuous training of its staff aiming at developing the skills required for the provision of services including the daily management and administration services.

Our professionals can provide a full range of management and administrative services which include:

  • Performing and advising on daily accounting and records keeping of a business;
  • Opening and operating bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Performing invoicing procedures on behalf of our clients;
  • Conducting payroll services;
  • Staff hiring procedures;
  • Conducting other management and administration services relating to the day-to-day running of a business;
  • Tailor-made administrative services upon request.

Our premises.

We are proud of our premises not only for the long history of the building which counts more than 100 years, but also for the ideal and welcoming environment that offers to all of us who work there, but also for our guests who we have the honour to host on our premises.

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