Trust Services

Trust Services.

Our team in combination with our legal associates can assist and advise our clients with utmost professionalism and confidentiality on the formation and administration of a Cyprus International Trust. 

Our trust services include:

  • Establishment/Reviewing of Trust Deeds;
  • Provision of Corporate trustees;
  • Provision of Protectors;
  • Advising on family asset protection and inheritance issues;
  • Administrating trusts involved in employee bonus schemes;
  • Opening, administrating and monitoring bank accounts;
  • Liaising with fund managers for the operation of investment accounts;
  • Maintaining good title of real property;
  • Distributing the trust fund to the beneficiaries.

Our premises.

We are proud of our premises not only for the long history of the building which counts more than 100 years, but also for the ideal and welcoming environment that offers to all of us who work there, but also for our guests who we have the honour to host on our premises.

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