Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax.

Various governments have been recently re-examining their tax collection mechanisms in an attempt to correctly manage indirect taxes something which eventually would significantly improve their revenue position without a high impact on the economy.

It is therefore important for companies and organizations, in order to avoid the risk of being punished for non-compliance and breaches of the requirements applied by the relevant laws and regulations, to receive the right advice and appropriate knowledge in order to successfully manage their indirect tax position and be compliant with the relevant requirements.

For businesses that seeks to manage and mitigate their tax risks, our team can provide a range of innovative solutions and advice regarding their indirect taxation such as Value Added Tax (VAT), import and excise duties, implications of these taxes during reorganizations and acquisitions, as well as advising on effective indirect tax management strategies.

Some of the indirect tax services that PMA & Co. can advise and assist you with are:

  • Indirect tax compliance including VAT compliance;
  • Vat advisory services;
  • Custom and excise compliance and advice;
  • Vat planning;
  • Assistance in VAT audits and other inspections;
  • Refund requests;
  • Due diligence reports regarding indirect taxes;
  • Vat registrations, preparation and filing of VAT and VIES return’.

Additional tax services:

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